Straightening out the issue

Saeed Ajmal has made a lot of headlines recently. Mainly these have been accompanied by photos of Ian Bell trudging off looking at his bat as if it’s the bat’s fault he couldn’t hit a squished tomato, never mind the ball.

Since then though it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped, press-wise at least. When Bob Willis started moaning about his action, back in the far-off days before England had been completely humiliated and had just been a bit shamed, Willis launched the seemingly bizarre argument that Ajmal buttoned down his sleeves to hide what might euphemistically be termed “elbow issues”.

Most sensible people filed this immediately under the “England losing at sports; sour grapes; technical excuses; etc. etc. etc.”; especially if they, like us,  look at talk of elbow flex and angles and have to go and lie down in a dark room. They then proceeded to cower behind the sofa, as Ajmal toyed with and killed off the England line-up with a ruthless brilliance last displayed by… well England last summer probably, against the hapless Raina at the Oval.

Saying this to the Beeb really wasn’t very helpful though, was it Saeed? “Someone is telling me my action is bad because the ICC allowed me as a bowler 23.5 degrees, because my arm is not good.” Say what now?

This wasn’t what he meant to say of course. Personally, we wouldn’t fancy trying to explain the “elbow flexion” and abduction of our elbows in Urdu, especially not if some lowering Warwickshire misery had just accused us of being massive cheats. Ultimately, Ajmal’s action is completely legal (details of why this is the case, rather than just a blind restatement of this as “fact” can be found here so we can probably look forward to more of the same in the ODIs.

Oh good.

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