Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – Special Edition

In celebration commemoration of Ricky putting one foot in the international cricket grave by retiring from ODIs, we thought it was about time that we had a special extended edition of ‘Ricky Ponting Looking Upset’, chronicling his progress from looking torn up on international debut right through to appearing downright miserable in his last ODI.

The Debut – Australia v South Africa – 1995

Lo-res Ricky was just as unhappy as his later HD counterpart.

The Kings Cross incident – 1999

“So where exactly did that bloke hit you in that seedy Sydney bar and restaurant, Mr Ponting?”

The run-out – England v Australia, Trent Bridge 2005

Ricky made a mental note to add Gary Pratt to his list of enemies.

CWC Quarter-Final 2011 v India

Ricky’s unusual new fielding technique wasn’t really working.

The final ODI – Australia v India, Brisbane 2012

For the 336th and final time in ODI cricket, a dismissed Ricky looked upset as he trudged alone back to the pavilion.

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