The grumpy cricket fans’ film club

As the world teeters on the brink (thanks Greece!) we thought we’d steal an idea from The Guardian and do a round-up of some of our favourite cricketing clips to remind us that even if the global economy goes down the lavatory, there’ll still be cricket, even if it’s only on a municipal common in Dollis Hill with a dog-chewed tennis ball and a plank of 2×4. There are some absolute crackers in here, and these are, if not our top six, six really quite good ones:

1. The Golden Age – This is a gem. You get damn near twenty minutes of John Arlott and Ralph Richardson doing a Lord’s test against the Australians. From the shots of the crowd (look at those benches! Everyone smoking in those wooden stands! The tinies sat on the outfield!) to the players wandering in (and in the England cases seemingly, wandering straight back to the pavilion) this is a brilliant slice of how cricket used to be –

2. The County Classics – You get a lot of video for your money here. This basically includes all the pre-war sides, including pretty much the last time Lancs won the title before last season. Those of you who actually play any cricket should be able to get hours of fun out the techniques, which I’m reliably informed now look very, very odd.

3. The Batting Masterclass – For a brief taste of the modern, twelve minutes of purely inspirational batting. Here’s hoping he makes it over here next summer –

4. The Soundbite – And now for some of my personal hero, D R Jardine (longer piece full of anecdotes about him being beastly to Australians, most of Sri Lanka and wildlife in general is in the works – holding piece from cricinfo to give you a flavour here – Till then, this is the great man just before Adelaide and all the unpleasantness that came with it –

5. The Bowling Coach – Working with this man may explain why the England attack are so very dangerous, though not entirely in this sense…

6. The Bowlers’ Nightmare – If only the series this week was going to be this fun. Note the Guardian’s really rather good cricket correspondent, but less successful test match bowler, Mike Selvey getting *hammered* away in the first clip –

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