First Test LIVE from Lord’s – Afternoon session update

Sooo cold. We’re about to go and get a restorative cup of tea. Another pretty sedate session but at least England got a couple of wickets to make things more exciting…

Only 144 runs in the first two sessions – Boycott would be proud. Chanderpaul really dug in but ultimately got a bit bogged down and felt he had to play a couple of shots.

There was at one stage a postage stamp of blue sky to be seen but it soon disappeared to be replaced by cloud and more cloud. It has not been a day for those lacking substantial fat reserves…

Our sources reliably inform us that we featured a second time on the telly. Jolly good.

We’ve hardly ever seen a batsman look more dejected than Marlon Samuels upon being dismissed. It took him an age to get back to the pavilion. Mind you, Chanderpaul wasn’t exactly skipping with joy as he walked off.

More pork pies, crisps, biscuits and a hot cup of tea have provided the teatime sustenance. More from us at the close.

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