TGECF on holiday

France isn’t known for its cricketing prowess, but these intrepid writers are heading off to discover whether one really can reverse-sweep effectively with a baguette. The answer, we suspect, depends largely on how much calvados, burgundy and camembert one has consumed.

We apologise for the distinct lack of pointless cricket rambling in the last few weeks. We’ve moved house as well as having a whole heap of other stuff on. Fear not, though – this is just silly season, and we shall return in force in a week or so. We’ve got plans for some interesting posts, so hang in there and we’ll be back before you know it!

In the meantime, why don’t you amuse yourselves by watching some of the greatest fast bowlers in history in a super-slo mo bowl-off:


The Over: 2nd Test in review

So… here we are, a bore draw in a rain affected Test. Not really much to talk about, is there? England and South Africa merely went through the motions today and…

Wait a minute! What the hell was that? A Broad five-for and a declaration dangerously reminiscent of Cronje? Oh well, looks like we might actually have to do a full post then. In true hacks’ style, it’s time to rip up our draft copy that we were planning to send off to the editor at 5pm so we could clock off early and actually do some proper reporting for a change.

1. We’re not exactly going against the flow of journalistic opinion here but England will be kicking themselves repeatedly with steel toe-capped boots that they didn’t pick Graeme Swann in this Test given what happened on Day 5. If a man who, until the start of this Test match, had the highest bowling average in Test history by anyone taking at least 5 wickets, could bowl like Muttiah Muralitharan on a 5th day dusty bunsen burner in Chennai, why wasn’t the leading spinner in the world on the pitch except whilst wearing a stupid luminous tabard and carrying the drinks? KP took four in the match and brought his career average down by a whopping 59.43, whilst Swann was left out on the basis that spinners don’t take wickets at Headingley, which did have some historical justification. An afternoon of Swann, instead of KP, in full flow could quite conceivably have led to England cantering home chasing 150, instead of 250. Isn’t hindsight a bloody wonderful thing?

England v South Africa – a sneaky 2nd Test preview

Ooooh look a Test match… As one of our number has briefly returned his attention to the only sport he’s ever competed in with any success whatsoever (and that so limited as to be laughable) at the Stratford sports jamboree, this has slightly snuck up on us. Nonetheless, we’ve turned our usual blend of wit, insight and blog padding desperation to tomorrow’s match, thoughts below.

1. James Taylor is going to play. One of our number has been pant-wettingly excited about Nottinghamshire’s midget batsman, the other remains slightly more sceptical, if only because we’re more secure with pessimism and doubt. Taylor has been in cracking form of late and this call is well deserved. Bearing in mind he’s about three foot tall it’s going to be a bit of a waste of time pitching the ball in short on the Headingley pitch, though he’s going to spend a large amount of time fending good length balls away from his throat.