Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 23/11/12

It’s been a long time since we brought you Ricky’s antics, but a moment yesterday reminded us that he was not only still playing cricket, but that he’d managed to rid himself of his zimmer frame and shuffle his way onto a cricket pitch. Before falling over.

Yes! In possibly one of the most senior duels ever to take place on a cricket pitch, RP (37 years, 340 days at time of writing) and Jacques Kallis (a nipper at 37 years, 38 days) faced off, the latter comprehensively winning, although later pulling a hammy for his troubles. The video is below, but it led to cracking photos of the gallant loser in all sorts of acrobatic positions, as Mark Nicholas put it – ‘Ponting all over the place; humiliated…’

First – the video evidence:

Next, a photo of the incident:

“What am I doing down here? Last thing I remember I was captain and we hadn’t lost the Ashes for 19 years…”

Wonderful. How the mighty are fallen (literally) and, unequivocally, looking upset…

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  1. This is brilliant, thanks for making my day! Nothing is a good as watching Ricky Ponting fail (especially in comic style) though I would like Clarke to do the same come Ashes time!


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