The TGECF Christmas Message

[Library pictures of your erstwhile bloggers at the cricket, engaged in deep conversation about cricket, watching cricket or generally doing other things involving cricket. Cut to testmatchspecialist and blockeverythingmolesworth, in 3D, standing next to a Christmas tree and looking suitably regal.]

testmatchspecialist: This past year has seen the dawning of a new age. From the depths of despair on 28th January, when England were bowled out for just 72, emerged a shining beacon of hope, reason and interesting cricket banter.

blockeverythingmolesworth: My colleague and I have been pleased to serve you this last year, since we were thrust into this role as a result of the unfortunate circumstances in the Emirates.

tms: It has been a year of highs and lows, starting low and ending high. We’ve seen a changing of the guard with Mr Strauss nobly making way for Mr Cook (to whom, incidentally, we wish many happy returns) and the year ending with a magnificent victory for our brave boys in India.

bem: A fascinating year ahead awaits, with ten Tests scheduled against the old enemy. We shall be with you all the way.

tms: Until then, England must hope that the Cook serves up some more delicious runs, the Bell is given a damn good ringing, the Trott continues to trot, the Prior remains our spiritual leader, the Swann carries on flying and the Root continues to grow. And other such terrible puns.

bem: We look forward to this, the second year of our reign, with trepidation but quiet confidence. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

[tms and bem wave at the camera, which zooms out and cuts to a fluttering MCC flag.]

Coming soon on TGECF – our awards for 2012.

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  1. Merry Christmas…well, at least it would be merry had South Africa had a Test on as they should…grumble grumble

  2. On the up-side, the Boxing Day Test starting in a drunken haze at 11.30pm on Christmas Day is always a bonus… especially when you get to sing songs about Mitchell Johnson.


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