100 Not Out…

With a standing ovation and a raise of the bat to all parts, we have reached our one hundredth post. The helmet comes off and we kiss the badge (a motif of Two Grumpy Englishmen rampant, brandishing cricket bats, standing on Mitchell Johnson). But this is just the start of an epic innings. We readjust our gloves, then, with Jonathan Trott-like OCD-ness, remark our trench, sorry, guard and settle once more over our bat. This knock has lasted very nearly a year and shows no signs of ending soon.

To be honest, reaching 100 posts took us by surprise. We have so much fun writing this blog that it doesn’t feel like we’ve got anywhere near that. We’re going to try to get back to our roots over the next few weeks, as we approach the one year mark, and give you some more witty banter, which has been a little lacking of late, although there will still be, interspersed in among it, the odd featurette, some more stats-based observations and just a sprinkle of Ricky Ponting bashing. blockeverythingmolesworth – that post on Douglas Jardine has been in the pipeline for about six months – get on with it!

Keep reading, folks! We’ll keep writing if you keep reading (mind you, we’ll probably carry on anyway).

“The next ball is solidly blocked back to the bowler as TGECF once again settles in for the long-haul…”

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