TGECF in the offseason

Looking outside my south London residence right now, it’s pretty dismal weather, and there’s no problem with that, what with the fact it’s autumn and the cricket season is well over. Personally, I’ve had a few weeks away from cricket, what with the slight overload caused by a summer of playing cricket every Saturday, an Ashes summer and all the other international cricket going on. However, we haven’t gone away, and we’ll have a number of exciting (are you sure, Ed?) pieces in due course before England take the field for the first Test down under.

In the meantime, it’s a pretty fallow time in international cricket. Australia are playing another orphaned ODI series in India which can only be described with a sound effect of cash tills ringing, while Bangladesh are going to new lengths to try and persuade us they’re any good at cricket by producing a pitch so flat, even they can score 501 on it. We were delighted to see Zimbabwe beating Pakistan the other week, and we hope Bangladesh can do a bit of giant-killing in their own way, although New Zealand is less Brobdingnagian, and rather more Lilliputian in the greater scheme of international cricket. It’s pretty damning when I’m more interested in the result of SA Emerging Women v England U19 Women than either of the other international matches on.

Oh, and apparently a guy named Tendulkar is retiring. Or something.

Just so you know, if any of our readers have any suggestions for pieces they’d like us to cover, feel free to get in touch.