Well-known Comedy Group Reunites

In a move that has shocked the cricketing world, the legendary comedy troupe, Monty Panesar’s Flying Circus, have to decided to re-form for a hilarious, high-jinks filled tour to Australia.


How it might look

With their legendary slapstick humour and unpredictable shifts in comedic tone, MPFC were in their heyday during the 1990s, when their side-splitting antics, featuring dropped catches, woeful batting collapses and left-field selection decisions left everyone apart from England in fits of hysterical laughter. Over the last few years, however, their appearances have become fewer and further between, last being seen in public in January 2012, with the seminal ’72 all out’ episode.


Now really!


We’re no experts, but the Australian media’s continuing ostracisation of Stuart Broad for not walking at Trent Bridge is just a little hypocritical, seeing as their own skipper committed an even more blatant version against India a few years back. Or, as the Huffington Post points out, the Chappell underarm incident was hardly the height of sportsmanship…

Here we go again…

Fear not, those of you suffering through the first gusts of the chilly England winter. You’ll soon be able to turn on your televisions and warm your hands on the hot Australian summer emanating from it. Or, even better, make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, get back under the covers, and put TMS on.

Now the world has got over the fact that a man who used to play cricket now no longer plays cricket, we can focus on some men actually playing cricket in a series which isn’t a glorified charity game for Sachin Tendulkar. So here’s a few thoughts from us:

India v Australia – who’d be a bowler?

If you were to ask someone who really knows about cricket what the key to the game is, the chances are they would tell you ‘having a good balance between bat and ball.’ Even if you were to ask a freshly lobotomised cricket newcomer, they’d probably say ‘runs and wickets’. Note how that’s runs and wickets. Not just runs. Clearly nobody has told Indian administrators about this. Recently we have been treated to one of the highest scoring ODI series in history, a series where a six was hit on average every five overs. And we couldn’t have been less interested. It’s almost as though someone with no understanding of the game saw a T20 game and reasoned ‘why can’t we do this for 50 overs games too?’ It gets the crowds in, they get to see Dhoni playing the helicopter, and the BCCI makes lots of money. In doing so however, they create a guaranteed cure for insomnia for most of those watching.