On come the covers

Those of you sad and committed enough to read our musings over the years (just me, then…) will have noticed our output going from a chaotic but rapid three to a well-judged two and finally to a strolled Inzamam single in the past couple of seasons.

We still love watching, listening to, reading and writing about cricket, but life has moved on a bit and the time and desire to write as much as we did has waned somewhat. There’s a nice circularity to the timing: we started writing as England were getting absolutely humiliated on the subcontinent; five years on, naff-all has changed really.

We hope that we’ve given plenty of you a brief chuckle or two over the past few years (our most-read post has had well over 20,000 views, so someone must be reading this stuff) and provided a slightly different and occasionally interesting look at the game.

(This’ll definitely relegate Alastair Cook to the second or third most important cricket-related announcement today. And with DRS likely to come in across the board soon, there’s almost nothing left to complain about.)

We are certain that this is not the last cricket writing we will do, perhaps even on this blog, but for the time being the players are off the field and there’s no prospect of an imminent resumption…