The TGECF Awards 2012 (Part 1)

We felt we would be missing out if we didn’t follow everyone else’s lead and give out some awards on the arbitrary basis that the date is about to change or some such. After a black tie gala dinner at one of London’s finest establishments (more like a couple of pints and some peanuts at a south London boozer) we’ve come up with some exciting awards to give out. There aren’t any actual prizes, although winners can apply personally to us with £19.99 (plus £2.99 post and packaging) and a couple of signed shirts and we’ll send them a cuddly toy or something.

We’ve split the awards up into two parts, so here goes with Part the first.



Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 23/11/12

It’s been a long time since we brought you Ricky’s antics, but a moment yesterday reminded us that he was not only still playing cricket, but that he’d managed to rid himself of his zimmer frame and shuffle his way onto a cricket pitch. Before falling over.

Yes! In possibly one of the most senior duels ever to take place on a cricket pitch, RP (37 years, 340 days at time of writing) and Jacques Kallis (a nipper at 37 years, 38 days) faced off, the latter comprehensively winning, although later pulling a hammy for his troubles. The video is below, but it led to cracking photos of the gallant loser in all sorts of acrobatic positions, as Mark Nicholas put it – ‘Ponting all over the place; humiliated…’

First – the video evidence:

Next, a photo of the incident:

“What am I doing down here? Last thing I remember I was captain and we hadn’t lost the Ashes for 19 years…”

Wonderful. How the mighty are fallen (literally) and, unequivocally, looking upset…

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 7/5/12

There hasn’t been much Punter-related action of late, but don’t think that means we’ve forgotten about him. Here’s a few more classic snaps for you:

No further caption required.

Ricky hadn’t fully recovered from the latest nightmare involving a giant, monstrous version of Gary Pratt and an endless replay of ‘that’ runout…

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – Special Edition

In celebration commemoration of Ricky putting one foot in the international cricket grave by retiring from ODIs, we thought it was about time that we had a special extended edition of ‘Ricky Ponting Looking Upset’, chronicling his progress from looking torn up on international debut right through to appearing downright miserable in his last ODI.

The Debut – Australia v South Africa – 1995

Lo-res Ricky was just as unhappy as his later HD counterpart.

The Kings Cross incident – 1999

“So where exactly did that bloke hit you in that seedy Sydney bar and restaurant, Mr Ponting?”

The run-out – England v Australia, Trent Bridge 2005

Ricky made a mental note to add Gary Pratt to his list of enemies.

CWC Quarter-Final 2011 v India

Ricky’s unusual new fielding technique wasn’t really working.

The final ODI – Australia v India, Brisbane 2012

For the 336th and final time in ODI cricket, a dismissed Ricky looked upset as he trudged alone back to the pavilion.

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 18/2/12

As Ricky found out he was going to captain Australia again, all the horrible memories of those three Ashes defeats came flooding back.

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 8/2/12

Ricky burst into tears when Ross Taylor told him his face looks like a dinner plate.

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 5/2/12

Ricky didn’t notice David Warner had put superglue in his helmet until it was too late.

Ricky Ponting Looking Upset – 1/2/12

Now for the first in what we intend to be a regular feature, in a shameless rip-off of all those ‘[Famous person] looking [insert emotion / expression]’ Tumblr galleries you’ve seen…

Yes it’s Australia’s erstwhile captain looking angry / miserable / seriously wronged! Check back regularly for more of everyone’s favourite triple-Ashes-series-losing ex-skipper.


Ricky spotted Gary Pratt signing autographs in the crowd.