Jimmy – A feat of endurance for the ages

Jimmy Anderson is a bloody good bowler, of that there is no doubt. Sure, he’s had his ups and downs, but over the last seven or eight years, it’s been him and Dale Steyn running the world fast-bowling cartel. You want to get wickets as an England bowler? You’ll have to snatch them from Jimmy’s cold, dead hands, because otherwise he’ll get them before you. Whether on a road in Kolkata or a spicy first-dayer at Trent Bridge, he’s got them everywhere.

You’ll hear a lot of names bandied around in the same company over the next few days. Botham – sure. Willis – yep. Trueman, Barnes, Bedser, Larwood. The list goes on. Where does Anderson’s achievement stand compared to theirs? Is he the ‘best ever’? I’ve never seen any of those other bowlers bowl to the extent that I have watched Anderson. I’m sure they were all bloody good but it’s not an easy question to answer.


Great cricket drinking episodes, No. 1 – Headingley 1981

When searching around for a new topic for posts for this humble blog, we remembered the long association of cricket and alcohol. Being more sedentary than many sports, cricket has allowed many of its top players over the years to indulge heavily in the ‘sauce’, some more successfully than others. Perhaps only darts amongst the televised sporting panoply has a greater reputation for boozing, although the England rugby team have made a brave recent attempt to sneak onto the radar (dwarf tossing and all). So, in that spirit (no pun intended), we thought we’d look at some of the great moments in cricketing imbibing.